Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Creative BIG Idea...

The Creative BIG Idea...

Successful advertising does not need fantastic, award-winning creative to build business. Great creative is infrequent and rarely sustained year after year. However, the good news is @Musdej Enterprise we learn to make successful ads. It really starts with understanding how the brain works: We have lazy brains that prefer to work with mental ‘units.’ The brain summarizes big ideas, and dislikes cognitive dissonance. It responds to irregular stimuli, and desensitizes to familiar ones.

At Musdej Enterprise, since we process much advertising peripherally and indirectly, ‘simplicity’ is a real benefit for internalization and memory recall.
With this in mind, We ask these key questions that focus on the principal learning when presented with a new idea for an advert:

What is the creative Big Idea? (A two-sentence description you could give to a stranger)
1. Is this a single, unified, simple Big Idea?
2. Is it strategically focused, and does it build emotional associations (pay-offs)?
3. Does it undeniably involve the brand, with strong brand integration, for brand link?
4. Is it original, different, or novel enough to be irregular?
5. Is it campaign-able (to build or leverage ad properties for future advertising)?

When we talk about the creative being so important, we refer to the content, which includes the tone, style, message, production values, brand strategy, and so on. Among all of these characteristics, the most common failure we see in practice is the poor brand linkage of the ad to the brand.